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How do I give someone access to manage rides or create vouchers?

To give someone (i.e. a coordinator) access to arrange rides or create vouchers, you first need to invite them to join your company’s Uber for Business account.

Then, create a group (called “Ride Coordinators”, for example) for people who need to access Uber Central or Vouchers.

You can then give this group access to Uber Central or Vouchers:

  1. Go to your Uber for Business dashboard and then People.
  2. Select Groups on the left.
  3. Choose the group you want to have coordinator access.
  4. Click the toggle button on the Uber Central or Vouchers program to give the group access.

Anyone in that group can then sign in with their Uber account on central.uber.com to arrange and edit rides, or vouchers.uber.com to create and manage voucher programs.

To remove a group’s access to a program, follow the above instructions and click the toggle button off.