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What is the difference between a program and a group?

Travel or meal programs establish sets of rules you create for different travel purposes.

  • For example, if you want to provide company meals or rides home only during late hours, you can create a program that lets employees take rides/order meals from 10pm–2am, Monday through Thursday.

Groups are a way to organize people who Uber in similar ways at your organization. The same programs will apply to everyone in a group.

  • In the above example, you could create a group for your employees who need to attend late-night meetings. Only employees in that group could bill late-night rides or meals to your company’s Uber for Business account.

A person can be in only one group at a time, but you can apply multiple programs to each group.

Once you assign programs to a group, all trip requests and meal orders are checked against the program’s rules before the request/order is confirmed. This prevents people from requesting trips or ordering meals outside company policies.