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How to manage expense codes

This article only applies to employee travel programs.

For help with managing expense codes for your business account, see the sections below.

Requiring expense codes for rides

You can require employees to enter an expense code when they request a ride on the company profile.

To require expense codes:

  1. From Programs, click the travel program you want to require expense codes for, or create a new travel program
  2. Under Rules, click Expense code
  3. Select Yes, require expense codes
  4. Select whether people need to choose from existing codes already uploaded, or enter a custom code
  5. Click Save changes

If you upload expense codes (see section below), employees will be able to choose a code from the list you upload. Uploading expense codes will also give you the option to allow employees to enter a custom expense code and include a memo when requesting a ride.

To allow these features:

  1. Go to Programs
  2. Under Rules, click Expense code
  3. To allow custom expense codes: Select Yes
  4. To require memos: Select Yes, include a memo

If you don’t upload expense codes, employees will be able to manually enter a code.

Uploading expense codes

You can upload a spreadsheet of expense codes to your business account and require users (see section above) to pick one when requesting a ride on the company profile.

To ensure your spreadsheet is in the correct format, download an example CSV template to work from.

To upload your expense codes:

  1. From Settings, click the Automation tab
  2. Under Manage expense codes, click the Upload CSV button
  3. Follow the instructions in the Upload expense codes pop-up and click Upload

To automatically pull new expense codes from an enterprise software system (such as Oracle or Elite), see the section below.

Automating expense code updates

You can set up SFTP data automation to automatically update your expense codes instead of manually making changes.

To set up data automation:

  1. From Settings, click the Automation tab
  2. Click “View Instructions” to see detailed steps to send your IT team

Someone on your IT team will need temporary admin access to complete this process.