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Adding and removing trip reviewers

…From your dashboard , select People on the left Select an employee Add the reviewer’s email in the Reviewer (Optional) field in the panel on the right Click Save You…

Creating, deleting and editing groups

For help with managing groups for your business account, see the sections below. To create a new group: Go to the People tab and click Groups in the upper right…

Program vs. group

…a way to organize people who use Uber in similar ways at your organization. The same programs will apply to everyone in a group. For example, you could create a…

What is a group?

teams in another. The name of a group will only be seen by administrators, not by the people in a group. NOTE: If you need a way to organize people

How to add or remove an admin

To become an admin , an employee must first join and become active in your company account. To give admin access: From the People tab, select the person that you…

Where to see everyone on the company account

The People section of your dashboard will show everyone connected to your Uber for Business account. You can use the dropdown in the upper left of People to view different…

How to manage who receives monthly statements

You can have monthly statements automatically sent to different teams or people (maximum of 50 people) to keep track of aggregate monthly account spend. To add monthly statement recipients: From…

What is a coordinator?

…using the Uber Health or Uber Central dashboard. They can also create vouchers from the Uber Vouchers dashboard . For instructions on adding and removing coordinators, visit our help page….

Business account privacy and security

…that information. How Uber receives data We receive employee names and email addresses when you: Add employees from the admin dashboard, either manually or through a CSV upload Automate adding

How to connect your expense management system

…automatically upload to your expense management system after each ride. If you have any issues adding your expense management account to Uber for Business, please contact your expense management company….

How does Uber Eats for Business work?

…. Note: Currently, individuals can only order and charge meals to the company’s Uber for Business account on the Uber Eats app. We’re working on adding this functionality to ubereats.com….