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Setting rules for a program

This article only applies to employee travel, meal programs and Uber Central. You can’t set rules for Uber Health and can only set rules at the campaign level for Uber Vouchers.

Activating a program will allow employees to charge to your company’s account or allow coordinators to access a dashboard.

You can create rules for:

  • Expense codes: Determine whether employees are required to enter an expense code before requesting a ride or ordering a meal.
  • Spending allowances: Apply a spending limit for each employee per meal, day, or month for meal programs and per trip, day, or month for travel programs. When this rule is enabled, the employee must select a second (personal) payment method, regardless of whether they’ve reached the spending limit.
  • Locations: Determine where employees can take rides or get meals delivered—as many locations as you wish. The restrictions will apply within a radius of 400 meters (0.25 miles) from the address(es) you enter.
  • Times: Customize what day(s) and time(s) employees can take rides or order meals. You can set multiple time ranges, but make sure they don’t conflict with each other.
  • Vehicle (employee travel programs and Uber Central only): Set which vehicle categories employees can request in the Uber app when traveling on a particular travel program.
  • Trip allowance (employee travel programs only): Offer riders a set number of trips per day or per month.