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Program vs. group

This article applies to employee travel and meal programs, Uber Central, and Uber Vouchers.

A program is an Uber for Business solution that you can turn on and off and customize to your company’s needs. Within employee travel and meal programs, you can create rules. Vouchers and Uber Central are also programs you can turn on.

A group is a way to organize people who use Uber in similar ways at your organization. The same programs will apply to everyone in a group.

For example, you could create a group for:

  • Employees who need to attend late-night meetings. Only employees in that group could bill late-night rides or meals to your company’s Uber for Business account.
  • Coordinators who need to arrange rides. Only people in that group could manage rides for guests, clients, customers, and so on.

A person can be in only one group at a time, but you can apply multiple programs to each group.

Once you assign employee travel and meal programs to a group, all trip requests and meal orders are checked against the program’s rules before the request/order is confirmed. This prevents people from requesting trips or ordering meals outside company policies.