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What to do if someone is having trouble joining the account

For instructions on what to do when employees have trouble linking to the company account, see the sections below.

Employee travel

If employees that will use the account for travel purposes are having trouble linking their personal Uber account to your organization’s account, try the following:

  1. Resend the invite. The email address may have expired, or the email may have accidentally been deleted.
  2. Make sure they sign in with their existing account credentials. If they don’t have an Uber account, they’ll need to create a new one before they can link to the company account.
  3. Make sure they use the correct email link. When you invite someone to the account, they can only join using the unique link in the email they received from Uber. Forwarded links won’t work.

Uber Health and Uber Central

If coordinators already have an Uber account, they’ll get an email (to their work address) with the subject “Join the Uber Account”. They should select Sign in instead of Create new account. If they forgot their password, they can reset it at t.uber.com/forgot-password.

If your employees don’t want to use their personal account or don’t have a mobile phone number, contact Uber for Business at business-support@uber.com or, if you’re enrolled in Uber Health, support@health.uber.com. We’ll update your account to allow employees to sign up using their work email address.

Having a different issue? Contact business-support@uber.com or support@health.uber.com and we’ll be in touch to help.