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How to automate adding and deleting people

You can work with your IT team at your company to set up SFTP data automation for your Uber for Business account.

SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a network protocol that provides completely secure access, transfer, and management of data files programmatically.

This eliminates the need to manually add and delete employees or coordinators as they join or leave your company by integrating with your current employee management systems, such as Workday, Active Directory, or your organization’s HR system.

To set up data automation:

  1. From the Settings tab, click the Automation tab in the upper right
  2. Click View Instructions to see detailed steps to send your IT team

Please note, you need to make someone on your IT team an admin temporarily to complete this process.

If your company uses SAP Concur you can sync the roster without SFTP.