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How do I add people to my Uber for Business account?

To add someone to your Uber for Business account:

  1. From the People tab, click Add People
  2. Choose a group (Choose from General, a group you’ve already made, or create a new group)
  3. Complete the required fields and click Invite

The person you added will receive an email invitation to join your Uber for Business account. You can check the people’s activation status from the user drop-down in the People tab.

For security reasons, you can only add people with the same email domain (eg @companyname.com) as the person who set up your organization’s account.

If you need to invite someone who has an email domain not associated with your company please contact business-support@uber.com.

You can also add people to your account in bulk using CSV upload or through automations.

To remove someone from your account, follow these steps.