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Ride statuses and what they mean

Uber Health and Uber Central rides are grouped into categories, so you know what’s happening in real time.

Beneath Today’s rides, you’ll see 4 categories of ride status:

  • Awaiting pickup: The driver is on their way to pick up the rider
  • In progress: The driver has picked up the rider and is on their way to the dropoff location
  • Completed: Rides that have ended today (either successfully or canceled). To see all completed trips (today and older), go to Past rides
  • Upcoming: Rides that are going to happen today. To see all upcoming rides (today and further out), go to Future rides.

Your dashboard will also show the following:

  • Future rides: All future rides (scheduled and flexible) booked on your account
  • Drafts: Rides that require more information to become active
  • Past rides: All completed and canceled rides booked on your account