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How to see details of an Uber Health or Uber Central ride

To view details of a ride you arranged for someone, select the ride from Today’s rides.

Depending on the ride status, you might see:

  • Pickup and dropoff ETA
  • Trip status (waiting to be picked up, on the way)
  • Driver name and photo
  • Vehicle make, model, color and license plate
  • Button to contact driver
  • Coordinator who requested the ride
  • Memo
  • Trip route or real-time location of the driver on the way to the pickup

For upcoming or future rides, the driver’s details (name, vehicle information and location) won’t be available until the ride is matched with a driver.

To see details of rides completed today, click Completed. To see details of all completed rides booked on the account, click Past rides. Select the ride card to see more information.