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Automated calling FAQ

What is automated calling?

To facilitate pickups for riders who have landline numbers or have difficulty reading text messages, the Uber Health and Uber Central platforms can call riders to provide information about their trip.

How to enable automated calling

  1. Go to the Uber Health or Uber Central dashboard.
  2. Select New ride and enter the rider’s information.
  3. Under the rider’s phone number, select the Automated calling toggle. Automated calling will automatically enable if the phone number is a landline. If you select automated calling for mobile numbers, the rider will receive both text messages and automated calls about the ride.
  4. Enter the remaining ride details and request or schedule the ride.

If the rider doesn’t wish to receive automated calls, please deselect the Automated calling toggle.

How many phone calls will the rider receive?

The number of automated phone calls the rider receives depends on the type of ride you arrange for them.

Immediate rides

If you requested an immediate ride, the rider will receive one phone call when they’re matched with the driver. The call will let them know:

  • A ride has been setup
  • By accepting the ride, they agree to Uber’s terms and acknowledge our Privacy Notice
  • Your organization can track the progress of the ride
  • Vehicle details
  • Their driver’s name
  • How many minutes until the driver arrives
  • The rider can press 1 to repeat the message.

Scheduled rides

If you scheduled a ride in advance, your rider will receive 2-3 phone calls as follows:

  • When you first schedule the ride
  • A reminder call 30 minutes before the ride. The rider will only receive the reminder call if the ride is scheduled for pickup more than an hour from when you arranged it.
  • When the rider is matched with a driver. This message will inform the rider of their driver’s name, vehicle details, and how many minutes until the driver arrives. The rider can press 1 to repeat the message.

Automated phone call details

The automated phone calls will:

  • Come from 1-855-249-UBER (1-855-249-8237). You may want to let your rider know a phone call will be coming from this number, so they know to answer it.
  • Play the driver and vehicle details slowly, so the rider can hear them
  • Play the message once if the rider answers (they can press 1 to repeat the message)
  • Leave a voicemail message if the rider doesn’t answer
  • Play in the language selected when arranging the ride

Will I know if a voicemail was left?

No. At this time, it’s not possible to know if the rider answered the automated call.

When will automated calling be available more broadly?

The automated calling feature is being rolled out in phases and will be available in the API soon. Most organizations that use Uber Health and Uber Central in the US should have this feature by the end of April.