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Arranging an Uber Central or Uber Health ride

For help with arranging an Uber Health or Uber Central ride, follow the instructions or watch the video below.

To request or schedule a trip:

  1. Sign in to your dashboard through central.uber.com or health.uber.com
  2. Select New ride in the upper left
  3. Fill out the rider information, pickup and dropoff location. Your rider will receive a text message with trip details if you enter their mobile number.
    • To change the language of texts riders receive, click Edit language beneath the phone number field and select a language from the dropdown
  4. Choose whether you want to arrange a scheduled or flexible ride
  5. Select when you want to book the ride
    1. To request a ride immediately (make sure the rider is ready), leave Today and Now beneath Choose when they’ll ride
    2. To schedule a ride for a different day and time, select Today to change the date of the ride and Now to change the time. You can book rides 30 minutes to 30 days in advance. For flexible rides, you’ll only select a day—not a time.
  6. Scroll down to select a vehicle type and add an internal memo (optional)
  7. Select Request now (for scheduled rides) or Set up ride (for flexible rides). You can also save the ride as a draft.

To re-book a trip or book a return trip:

  1. Sign in to your dashboard through central.uber.com or health.uber.com 
  2. Go to the Completed or Past rides tab
  3. Select the ride you want to re-book or book a return trip for
  4. Select Re-book trip or Book return