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My account has an unknown charge

With Uber for Business, you may see 2 kinds of charges on your credit card:

Pending or voided charge

Uber for Business issues an authorization hold (amount may vary per country) when you first add a payment method to your business profile. This amount is never charged to your account, but may show as pending on your bank statement.

Charge near the 8th of the month

If you’re on monthly billing and pay with a credit card, your monthly statement will be automatically charged to your card on the 8th of each month.

Other charges

If the unrecognized charge doesn’t look like any of the ones above, it could be:

  • A tip. If the charge is a round number (such as $1, $2, or $4), an employee might have tipped their driver. You can see which employees added a tip in the trip report.
  • A cancellation fee. The cancellation fee (amount may vary by location) pays drivers for the time and effort they spend getting to a pickup location. Usually, you can tell a ride was canceled if the dropoff time on the report CSV is blank and the trip distance and duration is 0.

    On Uber Health, the ride status column on the CSV will indicate that the ride was canceled.

  • An Assist fee. An Uber Assist Fee will be added to all Uber Assist requests in select markets from business portals, such as Uber Health and Uber Central, as well as any requests originating from API partners.
  • An employee account mixup (employee travel programs only). An employee could have accidentally charged a personal ride to the company account. To prevent account mixups, double check your travel program rules and make sure that employees are taking trips using their business profile.
  • A personal account charge (employee travel programs only). An employee could have added the company credit card to their personal account. If this is the case, our privacy policy prevents us from sharing information and details of the trip.

If you think you’ve received a billing error, please contact Uber for Business at business-support@uber.com or Uber Health at support@health.uber.com with the following details.

  • First six and last four digits of the credit card used
  • Expiration date of the card
  • Date of each charge in question
  • Charge amount and currency
  • Screenshot of the details for each charge