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What is monthly billing and how do I set it up?

For Uber Central and employee travel programs, when you add a payment method to your account, the default billing is “pay per trip”. This means that your payment method on file will automatically be charged after each trip an employee takes.

With monthly billing, you’ll receive one statement each month (charged to one centralized billing method) for all trips taken on your organization’s account. For employee travel programs, monthly billing is only available to accounts that spend a minimum of $2,500 a month.

To apply for monthly billing:

  1. Go to the Billing tab on your dashboard
  2. Select Submit a request for monthly billing under Billing Type. We’ll pull a credit report on your business and may request additional information to set up monthly billing.

For Uber Health and Uber Vouchers, you’ll be required to enroll in monthly billing as a part of the sign up process.

The default payment method for monthly billing is a credit card. If you want to make monthly payments via bank transfer, reach out to Uber for Business at business-support@uber.com or Uber Health at support@healthuber.com.