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How to flag a trip that’s out of policy

This article only applies to employee travel programs.

Trip reviewers will receive an email every Monday morning (Pacific Time) with a link to review all trips taken in the previous week. If you see a trip that looks like it may be out of policy, you can flag it to request more information from the employee who took the trip.

To flag a trip:

  1. Sign in to your admin dashboard
  2. Go to the Activity tab
  3. Select the trip that requires more info and then Request More Info
  4. Write a message to the person who took the trip in the pop-up window
  5. Click Send Message. The employee will receive an email and in-app notification prompting them to update their trip details or switch the trip to their personal Uber account.

Once you and your employee agree on a resolution, go back to the trip and click Resolve.

To see all flagged trips and their status (flagged trips are marked with a yellow flag), go to Reviewed in the upper right of your Activity tab. You can filter trips by status by clicking the box below Activity.

You can also email individual trips to yourself or admins by clicking Email Receipt.